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Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 Released



Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 Released

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 Released: Finally, Apex Legend Battle Pass along with the first ever season of The game is launched here on Tuesday. Apex Legends is the fast-growing Battle Royal Game. As we all know Apex Legend is giving a tough competition to its rivals (PUBG and Fortnite).

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1

Respawn earlier promised to release the first Season of Apex Legends along with a Battle pass in March. As promised it is released on 19th of March 2019.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1

Earlier Apex Legends Twitter Handle also teased the launch of the Battle Pass and Season 1 of the game.

Cost Of Apex Legends Battle Pass?

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1

Basically there are two plans in the Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 Released.

  1. Battle Pass
  2. Battle Pass Bundle

The Battle Pass is cost at 950 Apex Coins ($10) and the Battle Pass Bundle has one specialty that it will boost your progress in the Season to 25th Level and it is cost at 2800 Apex Coins ($30).

This battle pass follows the same pricing as it is in PUBG and Fortnite. The main highlight of upgrading your regular pass into the Battle Pass is the rewards and various interesting missions which will let you gain Outfits and skins for weapons and The Legends too.

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New Rewards and Stuff In Apex Legends Battle Pass

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1

In the new Apex Legends Battle Pass there are many rewards and stuff like more than 100 New Cosmetics like Weapon Skins, Banners changes, quips, Finishers and stat trackers.

If you Purchase the Battle Pass then you will Instantly unlock the Lifeline Revolutionary skin, the Wraith Survivor skin, and the Mirage Outlaw skin with purchase of the Battle Pass. There will be some new weapons and New Loot.

New Legends

New Legend Octane

As expected there will be a new Legend namely Octane will be added to the Lineup. It is also expected that 1-2 Legends will be added per season. It is not necessary to purchase the Battle Pass for these Legends.

Octane is the first ever Legend that is released with the Season 1, although he’s not part of the content notes, You will see this new Legend Octane within some period of time.

Free Rewards

If you are not purchasing the Battle Pass. Then do not worry you will be getting the complimentary Free Rewards For playing the Apex Legends Season 1.

Free Rewards

You will be getting

  1. Wild Frontier Legend Skin
  2. Apex Packs
  3. Wild Frontier Stat Trackers

Other Info About Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 Released

As we hear from the developers that the Weekly challenges will not be part of season 1. It was confirmed by the Apex Legends Lead Product Manager Lee Horn. In an Official Blog Post.

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