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Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Released



Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royal Released

Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Released: The world is going crazy towards the Battle Royale Games. From the Tencent’s PUBG to Fortnite and From Call Of Duty To Apex Legends. These games changed the whole scenario in the Gaming community and Gaming market.

Now EA Battlefield V is getting a new Battle Royale mode in the name of Battlefield V Firestorm. It is going to be a free update to the Battlefield V customers. Battlefield V Firestorm Update is released on the 25th of March 2019.

Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Released

Battlefield V Firestorm Official Trailer Trailer (Source: Battlefield)

Battlefield V Firestorm is same like other battle royale games but with the Immersive Graphics of Battlefield V. EA Games is saying that the Map which is provided in the Battlefield V Firestorm is the biggest ever introduced in the series.

As in other Battle Royale, the map does not change on a regular basis but in Battlefield V Firestorm the playing location will always change on a session basis.

In this game the way of entry is the same as other Battle Royale games, That is the AirDrop! The player must fly using a Parachute and land on the location of choice and supply points.

In Battlefield V Firestorm 64 Players will be Spawned on a particular location of the map. As in PUBG and Fortnite there will be 100 Players playing for the winner’s Title.

The players need to search for a good Loot in order to survive in the extreme condition of Warfare. They have to collect weapons, their ammo, Medics etc. Apart from Ammo, Weapons, and Medics the game also contain various Gadgets with their vivid advantages.

Playing Modes

In Battlefield V Firestorm there will be Solo Mode and Squad Mode, Same like other battle royale games if an enemy attacks you and if you are in a squad mode then the player will be Knocked out and if he wanna play then his teammate needs to revive him out.

Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Released

The main highlight is when you are knocked out you will not be able to use any gun but you can use a Knife with one arm and you can bleed out an enemy with it.

But if the player is playing in Solo Mode and if an enemy attacks him then he will not be knocked out rather he dies and gets eliminated from the Session.


All the weapons which are available in the base version game of Battlefield V are available in the Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Mode. The weapons are divided into three categories including

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Released

All the weapons will support attachments and upgrades. The epic Category weapons will support more attachments and upgrades. The guns like Sidearms, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, and Shotguns are available in the game. Along with all these 10 melee weapons are also available.

All your ammo, gadgets and equipment can be carried in a backpack. Armor plates are used to protect from shots. When one is damaged you can simply swap it with a new one.

Vehicles In Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Released

There are 17 different types of vehicles in Battlefield V Firestorm which includes Tanks, Helicopters, Sports Cars, and Tractors. Out of which few are imported from the Battlefield V.

Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Released

The Signature Environmental destruction which always been a plus point of Battlefield games is also included in this version of Battlefield V Firestorm too.

My Word

So I thinks this version of Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale mode will be a great hit and will surely give tough competition to the existing Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Feel Free to share your views on this in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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