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Best Budget Antec NX200 RGB Gaming Cabinet Review



Best Budget Antec NX200 RGB Gaming Cabinet Review

Best Budget Antec NX200 RGB Gaming Cabinet Review: Antec is a very well known brand for manufacturing Desktop components like Desktop cabinets, RGB Fans, RGB Cabinets etc. So in this article, I am gonna share my experience with Antec NX200 RGB Gaming Mid Tower Cabinet, which I consider as the best budget Antec NX200 RGB Gaming Cabinet.

Best Budget Antec NX200 RGB Gaming Cabinet

Now a days gaming country is growing rapidly and every budget gamer dreams of a beautifully lighted RGB Gaming case. So here it comes. I personally use it since 7 months without any hassles.

Best Budget Antec NX200 RGB Gaming Cabinet Review

Main Features of Antec NX200

1. Front I/O Panel

The main highlight is that it is compatible with the older generation of motherboards which possesses USB 2.0 and also 3.0 I/O ports. It got an I/O Panel right on its forehead with a pair of USB 2.0 port and a single port for USB 3.0.

Front I/O Panel
Front I/O Panel

There are a power button and an RGB button along with a LED Power indication bulb on the top. The traditional Headphone headphone ports are also furnished.

2. Cooling Attachments

As we all knew, the gaming PCs generate hell lot amount of heat comparing to normal Desktops. So the gaming Desktops need a lot of cooling techniques to keep the system cool for the efficient functioning of the components like CPU and GPU.

In Antec NX200 there’s enough room for all the mandatory and optional cooling attachments like Fans and Radiator support.

Cooling System
Cooling Attachments

In the Antec NX200, it comes with a 1 X 120mm Fan in rear pre-installed and also theres room for more120mm X 2 fans at the top and 120mm X2 Fans onto the front section of the cabinet. It also supports a radiator of 240mm on the top or to the front for liquid cooling.

It also comes with a dust filer for the top portion of the cabinet to prevent the accumulation of dust into the cabinet.

3. PCI-E Slots

When you got a gaming cabinet, most probably you will buy a graphic card too. Yes this Antec NX200 supports 7 PCI-E Slots for the I/O ports of the graphic cards.

PCI-E Slots
PCI-E Slots

I can say all the biggest of the biggest graphic cards can easily fits into this case without any problem.

4. SSD Mount and Hard Disk Tray

As all the gaming PC need an SSD for faster performance. So this Antec NX200 posses dedicated area for the mounting of an SSD. The hard Disk needed to be pushed into the tray. This doesn’t require any tools to fit a hard disk into the cabinet.


  1. RGB Lightning Case with beautiful Look.
  2. Supports Radiator Liquid Cooling.
  3. Supports Biggest of the biggest Graphics Cards.
  4. Good air flow.
  5. All necessary I/O ports on the front Panel.
  6. Bottom Mounted PSU Area.
  7. Dust Filter Included.
  8. Hard Disk Tray.


  1. No Dedicated Restart Button.
  2. No Room for DVD Writer.
  3. No RGB Fan Included.

Full Specifications

Unit Dimensions 425mm x 190 mm x 462mm (DxWxH)
Form Factor ATX
Motherboard support ATX,Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Front Access & Controls USB3.0 x 1, USB2.0 x 2, Power, Reset, AUDIO/MIC
Expansion & Drive Bays
Expansion Slots 7
5.25″ 0
3.5″/2.5″ (convertible) 2
2.5″ 2
Front 2 x 120mm
Top 2 x 120mm
Rear 1x120mm
Included Fans 1 x 120mm fans in Rear
Radiator Support
Front ≤240mm
Rear ≤120mm
Max GPU Length ≤350mm
Max CPU Height ≤165mm
PSU Position ATX PS2, Top/ATX PS2 SPU
Warranty 1 Year

You can buy Antec NX200 From Here

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