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Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins



Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins: Whether you are a business or an individual running a WordPress site, having a contact form is a must and mandatory you can say. It helps you to engage with your visitors better. A WordPress contact form will allow users to communicate with you in a quick, simple way.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins List

With the variety of existing plugins, it can be a bit overwhelming when choosing one. So, we have collected the best WordPress contact form plugins for you.

1. WPForms

WPForms: Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

WPForms is perfect for beginners who are looking for easy drag-and-drop solutions. Bloggers or even business owners can use this WordPress contact form plugin to create a custom contact form for their WordPress sites.

Some Great Functions of WPForms

  • Instant notifications
    When a user submits a form, it will send you an email notification. This is important to ensure a fast response from your side.
  • File Uploads
    WPForms provides you with file upload features because one single image sometimes provides more information than countless lines of text. All you need is to add the upload fields in the form so your customers can upload images, PDFs, etc.
  • Templates
    WPForms provide pre-built templates. Simply add or rearrange the templates based on your needs. It could be a quote form, a donation form, or a subscription form.

You can get WPForms’ lite version that includes email subscription and multi-page contact forms, payment integration, templates, and more.

However, if you are willing to invest, the premium version offers you great support. You can get the basic plan for 39.50 for a year (discounted from its original price $79) or the Elite plan, which costs $ 299.50/year.

The Elite plan is great for developers and agencies who want such features as unlimited sites, premium support, and client management.

2. Form Maker by WD

Form Maker by WD: Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

This WordPress contact form plugin lets you make nice-looking forms to get valuable information from your customers. Form Maker by WD is perfect for business owners and developers alike.

With this plugin, you can create any kind of forms such as a registration survey, a questionnaire with conditional fields, multiple choice questions, etc.

You can optimize the Form Maker by WD plugin’s drag-and-drop nature as you like.

Form Maker by WD

You can get 12 add-ons to empower your forms. Here are some add-ons that could be useful for you:

  • The Save progress feature allows your customers to save partially completed forms.
  • The Conditional emails feature lets you send custom email notifications to different recipients depending on the form submitted.
  • The Google Drive integration feature lets you store data to a Google cloud storage.

The Form Maker by WD WordPress contact form plugin has more than 2 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating. You can download it for free and enjoy its pre-built templates and limited features.

Or, you can get the premium version for $30+ and get a 6 months access to updates and support. They also have special offers that cost $99/year, with 12 addons and 50 premium plugins.

3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms: Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Gravity Forms is simply one of the best WordPress contact form plugins. However, unlike others, it has no free version. But if you can invest in it, you won’t be disappointed.

The price starts with $59/year for the Basic License, $159/year for the Pro License, and $259/year the Elite License. With the plugin, you will get to enjoy unlimited forms and entries, conditional logic, file uploads, and more features.

Gravity Forms

Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get great add-ons like MailChimp and Slack.

4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is free, however, the free version has limited features. If you want more benefits, you can get its premium version which is $499/year.

The premium version offers customer support, constant updates for unlimited sites and has loads of great add-ons.

The starter plan costs  $29/year and offers customer support, but you will have to buy add-ons separately.

Ninja Forms is a great option for amateurs, as it has an easy to use drag-and-drop builder.

Ninja Forms

Some of the best Ninja Forms features:

  • The ultimate control of your forms
  • Multilingual settings
  • Easy WordPress integration

5. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms lets you go beyond the basic functions of other similar plugins.

The free version is 100% mobile responsive and has a great drag-and-drop form builder, which is great for beginners. It also has a free option to dynamically add form fields, in order to reduce visual clutter.

Formidable Forms

The Premium version is $49/year and the Elite plan costs $399/year. Both of the price plans offer loads of functionality, customer support, etc.

Some of the Premium features are:

  • Views
    Visual display of collected and analyzed data
  • Autocomplete Form
    This function eliminates the need for your customers to manually re-enter their information every time they want to send you a message
  • Confirmation Fields
    A feature that ensures that your customers enter their information twice. This will prevent typos and mistakes that can cause a lot of trouble for your visitors.

6. Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is easy to use and has a lot of functionality. It has a great visual editor, so you can make sure that only necessary information displayed.

This plugin is completely free to install. However, its premium version offers great support, enhanced email delivery options and offers loads of other functionality.

If you prefer to use a monthly plan, you can start with the Basic for $14,99/mo. You’ll get unlimited forms, submissions, and anti spam features.

Or, you can get a yearly plan that costs from $74.99 (Starter) to $549.89 (Agency). These yearly plans include add-ons you will appreciate a lot:

  • You can get your form submission in PDF format
  • You can have analytics of your received emails
  • You can have add-ons such as the Entry Limiter, Mail Templates, Easy Queries, and more.
Caldera Forms

Beginners can try its free version first before moving to Starter plan for more benefits.

7. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Creating a contact form with this plugin is the fastest solution. Right after you activate it, you will have a pre-made form to place on your site.

With this plugin, you can make a custom form with a predetermined set of fields. Additionally,  it comes with a captcha feature to reduce spam and supports AJAX for faster interactions.

Contact Form 7

Unfortunately, this plugin isn’t very beginner friendly as it doesn’t have a form builder. It means that to insert the contact form, you have to paste the shortcode into your WordPress editor.

Let’s End This Topic Of Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A contact form is an absolute must for your website. It makes reaching you super easy for your visitors. WordPress has a lot of amazing plugins, that make creating a contact form easy.

I hope this article helped you. Thanks for reading.

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