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Can NRI Vote In 2019 Elections Online?



Can NRI Vote In 2019 Elections Online?

Can NRI Vote In 2019 Elections Online: There’s a message which is making rounds on social media which is stating that

“Those who hold Indian Passport Can now vote online for 2019 elections. It asks people to register them self on the official Election Commission Of India website”

Fake Message Screenshot

Can NRI Vote In 2019 Elections Online?

Can NRI Vote In 2019 Elections Online?

As you can see the screenshot of the Fake message which is being spread ahead of the 2019 Elections to the Parliament of India. So we request you all to stop sharing anything without confirming it with the responsible sources.

Election Commission of India Reacts

As soon as Election Commission of India came to know about this message. They filed a Complaint in New Delhi regarding Fake news is being spread on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“This fake news contains the logo of the ECI. The publication of such fake news is causing severe confusion to the public thereby creating public nuisance and mischief.

“The unauthorized use of the ECI logo and the completely false statement regarding online voting seems to be done with a deliberate intent to cause mischief and mislead the public,” the official complaint letter reads.

Election Commission of India also Updated their official website to inform people about the fake news.

Can NRI's Vote In 2019 Elections Online?

In a statement, The Election Commission of India stated that there is no online voting facility for any category of voter. Overseas Indians may submit the application for enrolment in form 6A online at or by using Voter helpline mobile app.

To Cast the vote on the date of the poll, an overseas elector may come to his designated Polling station with his Passport as a document for identification.

My Word On Can NRI Vote In 2019 Elections Online?

So I would advise you all not to share any kind of Fake news regarding anything without knowing it’s authenticity. I hope this article on “Can NRI Vote In 2019 Elections Online” might help you. Thanks for reading.

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