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Can We Use Jio Phone Sim In Other 4G Mobiles



Can We Use Jio Phone Sim In Other 4G Mobiles: The answer is Yes! you can use your sim which came with a Jio Phone in any other mobile but the condition is that it should Support 4G LTE or 4G voLTE.

Can We Use Jio Phone Sim In Other 4G Mobiles

You will not be able to use the JIO Phone exclusive plans rather you have to recharge with the plans which are common for all the Jio Customers, They are slightly on a higher price range.

If you want a refund for the Mobile, you should have recharged it for 1500/year for 3 years. Only then you could get a refund but that would make no sense since by then you would have already paid Rs 4500 to them.


So if u don’t like the service better use the Jio mobile as a paperweight rather than investing Rs 4500 to get a refund of Rs 1500.

I believe the Jio phones perform extremely good. The only problem that i face is with the quick battery drains… except that everything looks good to me.

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