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Google Plus Is Shutting Down



Google Plus Is Shutting Down

Google Plus Is Shutting Down: The end is finally near for the Google+ or Google Plus, The company announced this week that Google Plus will officially shut down on April 2. Earlier in 2018 Google already hint towards the closure of the service.

Why Google Is Shutting Down Google Plus?

Google said in a statement that due to the low usage of the Google Plus services or you can say that the Google Plus was not as popular as the other social Media Giants.

In an official Blog, Post-Google stated everything about the closure of the Google Plus Services. It stated clearly that Google Plus Will Shut Down on April 2 2019.

Google's Statement
Google’s Statement

Coupled with the struggle to live up to expectations and security concerns, has made Google+ simply not worth keeping around.

Google did not directly address the security concerns in its post, but a security flaw left nearly 500,000 users data exposed to third-party app developers.

After that was fixed, another issue was found, which led to an earlier shutdown date in April. Now, Google has revealed its full timeline to wind down the service.

The change means all Google+ accounts and pages will be deleted. Anyone with photos or other content they’d like to save on their account should download and save those files prior to the shutdown.

Photos and videos will be backed up to Google Photos. However, any other posts or content on Google+ pages will be gone.

For anyone who is still an active user of Google+, there isn’t long to say goodbye either. Google said it will start removing the ability to post and add to pages as early as Monday, Feb. 4.

What Is Being Deleted?

Any Google Plus pages you created, as well as photos and videos from your Google Plus album archive. All other Google services will be unaffected such as Google Drive, Google Photos and emails

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