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How Does Google Pay Make Money



How Does Google Pay Make Money

How Does Google Pay Make Money: Googles method of money making is more like dominate and monitize. They first dominate a market then later find an innovative way to monitize it.

At the beginning google search engine was running without generating any revenues, Free for all then once they crushed all their competitors and acquired major shares of search engine market, they started to monetize it by placing ads in the search results. Same method was followed with Youtube, Gmail, etc.

How Does Google Pay Make Money

Most of the google products which are free are sourcing data for analyzing customer behavior and they can predict which AD you would be more interested in.

Google Pay is googles penetration to digital payment sector.

How Does Google Pay Make Money?

Rewarding a few with large sums of cashback is a mere investment for them. The bigger catch here is, larger number of users using their service!

The more users, and the more they use this service, the more data they have to analyze and crunch and conclude. So let us go deep into this topic “How Does Google Pay Make Money”.

This Helps Them Make a Lot Of Conclusions Like

  1. Where you live and how much you spend in that locality.
  2. How much you spend on luxury and how much on basic needs.
  3. What sort of schemes should they come up with to lure you to spend more! (Because we all know, its useless if the customer doesn’t get tempted by the awesome deals the businessman comes up with)
  4. They may also know your interests and likes/dislikes and your purchasing power too!

Indirectly, they can calculate your paycheck without you mentioning it to them!

But hey, what the heck! We are all getting rewarded with a few bucks instantlyfor sharing just a little information of ourselves. So what’s the big deal, right!

Pertaining to the T&C they made you sign while signing up, they may even use/sell this data to other companies who might benefit their business. (Selling such a dataset, real/realistic, earns you huge cash …always).

As of Now! In How Does Google Pay Make Money

Well, Google is not earning much through Google Pay App as of now. Its main motive is to have a huge customer base in this segment. After establishing itself as a major player>

Then Google would be earning huge amounts through the various partners for the services which will be offered in the coming time. As it would expanding the services it offers, it would also be increasing the no of partners.

As of now It’s the companies other businesses through which the Google is earning and using that money to foray into UPI Business and make a good ground for itself.

There Are Several Ways By Which Google Is Earning:

  1. Obviously It’s having the #1 Search engine in the world.
  2. A large amount of money which the google earns comes from the advertising business i.e Google Ads. Large no of companies depend on the advertising through google.
  3. And there are several other ways.

As Google Pay App is new in UPI business. Therefore to increase the no of users and transactions, it’s offering the customers huge cashback upto 1000 Bucks.

So I presume this article on “How Does Google Pay Make Money” had answered all your questions. So this is me Admin Infoleria Signing Off. Hope to see you in my next article. Thanks for reading.

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