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How To Add Paytm Payment Gateway In Woo commerce WordPress Site



How To Add Paytm Payment Gateway In Woo commerce Wordpress Site

How To Add Paytm Payment Gateway In Woo commerce WordPress Site: This procedure allows you to accept payments using Paytm. The plugin used in these steps will add a Paytm Payment option on WooCommerce checkout page when the user chooses Paytm as Payment Method.

He will be redirected to Paytm website to complete his transaction and on completion, his payment Paytm will send that user back to your website along with transactions details.

This plugin uses server-to-server verification to add an additional security layer for validating transactions. Admin can also see payment status for orders by navigating to WooCommerce > Orders from the menu in admin’s dashboard.

Step By Step Procedure To Add Paytm Payment Gateway In Woo commerce WordPress Site

  1. Upload the latest version of Woo Commerce plugin installed.
  2. Copy the folder named ‘Paytm’ into the directory location /wp-content/plugins/. Or, you may choose to upload the Paytm folder via the Woo commerce Admin panel.
  3. Activate the plugin through the left side ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Visit the Woo-Commerce => settings page, and click on the Checkout tab.
  5. Scroll down the Checkout page and go to the setting option of paytm under “Gateway Display”.
  6. Click on paytm to edit the settings. If you do not see paytm in the list at the top of the screen make sure you have activated the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Manager.
  7. Save the below configuration
  8. Now you can see paytm in your payment option.
  9. Save the below configuration.
  • Enable – Enable check box
  • Title – Paytm
  • Description – Default
  • Merchant Identifier – Staging/Production MID provided by Paytm
  • Secret Key – Staging/Production Key provided by Paytm
  • Website Name – Provided by Paytm
  • Industry Type – Provided by Paytm
  • Channel ID – WEB/WAP

Gateway URL –

Transaction Status URL –

  • Custom Callback URL – Disable
  • Callback URL – customized callback url (this is visible when Custom Callback Url is Enable)
  • Return Page – My Account

10. Your Woo-commerce plug-in is now installed. You can accept payment through Paytm.

See Video For Reference:

In Case Of Help Contact Paytm

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