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How To Become Paytm Merchant



How To Become Paytm Merchant

How To Become Paytm Merchant: Its extremely easy to accept Paytm. There is zero setup fee, zero annual fee and no hardware involved. The best part is, you can go live instantly.

Paytm QR Code

The Paytm QR Code lets you accept digital payments from virtually anyone with the Paytm app. If you want to accept fast and easy payments, simply log on to

Paytm Business

Choose whether you want to apply for the Paytm’s online payment solutions for the app or web, or start accepting Paytm in your retail store.

In case you want to accept Paytm in your shop, click on ‘Get your Paytm QR Code’ and sign up for your free Paytm account.

Paytm Merchant

Fill up a simple online form and click on ‘Next’.

Paytm Merchant

Now Paytm will offer you a Paytm sticker INSTANTLY that you can download and/or print and stick in your store, and start receiving payments by scanning it.

Paytm QR Code Sticker
Paytm QR Code Sticker

At Paytm, They have two simple solutions with the Paytm QR Code. Each is geared towards addressing the unique needs of merchants across the country.

Small and Medium Merchants

Most small merchants struggle with the hassles of dealing in loose change. Not to mention the risks of theft and loss. Paytm’s cashless payments can touch anyone, from a Kirana store in a big city to a paper delivery boy in a small town to a farmer in a far-away tehsil. Any KYC-enabled user has access to the following:

  • INR 1 Lakh limit: Minimum-KYC merchants is entitled to have up to INR 20k as wallet balance and the KYC-enabled Paytm Wallet lets you save up to INR 1 lakh at any time.
  • Linked to personal Paytm Account: The Paytm Sticker on your store-front is linked to your personal Paytm account. This helps you keep a tab of payments easily.
  • No transaction fee: Accept and send unlimited Paytm payments for free. You can also transfer up to INR 25k to your Bank account every month.

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Registered Businesses

Businesses can enable the Paytm Wallet at their retail outlets to allow quick and easy payments. It reduces queues at payment counters while making it easier to track each transaction. Our cost-effective solutions are geared to help companies serve customers better.

  • Unlimited Transfers: There are no limits to how much you can transfer to your bank account.
  • Straight to your Bank Account: Perfect if your employees insist on bank statements. You are always welcome to use Paytm.

In case you think this solution is better suited for you, please click here.

Lakhs of merchants across India have embraced ease and convenience with Paytm, and they are just getting started. So go ahead, Paytm karo.

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