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How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm



How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm

How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm: As we all know PUBG consist of its own Currency to buy Items and Stuff in the game which is Known as UC (Unknown Cash).

Many people hesitate to use their precious Credit/Debit Card details for the In-App Purchases in play store and app store or in the PUBG Mobile Emulator which is known as Tencent Gaming Buddy.

As people in India widely trust the Paytm for their online transactions. So this service is started for the people of India to get their In-Game stuff through the Paytm.

There one more additional benefit you will get If you pay via PayTM to buy PUBG UC that you can earn an extra 15 UC for free.

What We Can Purchase?

Apart from the addictive gaming experience in PUBG it also offers many skins, Emotes, Outfits and Elite Pass and stuff to make the gameplay more interesting. So UC (Unknown Cash) is required to make the purchases in the game. So you can purchase the UC and items directly through Paytm.

How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm?

Before explaining the whole process of How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm let me make it clear that this method is 100% trustworthy and is not a scam. So you can make your purchase without any hesitation.

Step By Step Procedure For How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm

Step-1: Open the Web browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and visit

Step-2: In this step you have to select PUBG Mobile

Step-3: In this step, you have to enter your PUBG Mobile Id which is related and assigned to your PUBG Mobile Account. Or you can log in via Facebook if your PUBG Mobile Account is Linked with Facebook.

Step-4: Once you logged in to your account Via Facebook or PUBG Mobile Account ID. You will see all the pricing for various offers on UC and Items on the screen.

How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm

Step-5: Now you have to choose the option which you wanna purchase and proceed. You will be redirected to the Paytm Payments Gateway for the Checkout.

Step-6: In this step, you have to complete the payment via Paytm either using Paytm Wallet or Credit/Debit Card.

Step-7: When the payment is successful, All your Purchased stuff will be credited to your PUBG Mobile Game. Just start the Game and confirm the same.

My Word

That’s all in this small tutorial article on How To Buy PUBG UC And Items Through Paytm. I hope this helped you in purchasing the UC In PUBG Mobile through Paytm. It would be great if you share your views in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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