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How To Delete Google Account



How To Delete Google Account

How To Delete Google Account: Everyone has Google Accounts, sometime one person may have more than 10 Google Accounts. They might have created them when they got new android mobile or they could be many other factors like Privacy.

So if you wonder how to cancel or delete your Google Account. Here’s the complete guide by Infoleria.Com

How To Delete Google Account?


Go to Google account which is present at the top right area on any Google page. This option will be shown once you click on your profile pic on the top right of the screen on a desktop.

Go To Google Account: How To Delete Google Account

After clicking on “Google Account” You have to proceed to the next Step.


Now Go to “Data & Personalization” which is located on the left sidebar of the page as shown in the illustration below.

Data & Personalization

After clicking on “Data & Personalization” you have to proceed to the next step.


In the “Data & Personalization” there will be numerous options, just scroll down to find an option called “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data”.

Deleting Your Account: How To Delete Google Account

Now go to an option “Delete a Service or your Account”. Now proceed to the next step.


Now you will see four options in this section namely

  1. Delete a Google Service
  2. Delete Your Google Account
  3. Download Your Data
  4. Make a Plan For Your Account

Leave all the option aside except the second one which is “Delete Your Google Account”. Now click on it and proceed to the next step.


Now after clicking on “Delete Your Account” you will be asked to confirm it by entering your password. All you have to do is type your password and click on next.


After confirming or verifying yourself, You can proceed to the further step.


Now Google will show up some terms and conditions so you have to agree on them and click on a button namely “Delete Account”.

Agree The Terms

After agreeing to the Terms & Conditions you will get a confirmation screen stating that your Google Account and all the data related to it is deleted. You can find the example of the confirmation screen below.

Successfully Deleted

So this was an easy Guide By Infoleria on How To Delete a Google Account. So let’s conclude this topic here. I hope this article might help you in your attempt To Delete Google Account. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading.

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