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How To Download Apex Legends On PC



How To Download Apex Legends On PC

How To Download Apex Legend On PC: Titanfall maker Respawn Entertainment has launched its Battle Royal Game by name “Apex Legends”. The main highlight of this amazing game is that it is for FREE!.

The game is available on Xbox, PS4 and PC Platforms and is Free To Play. For the Xbox and PS4 People you guys can download this game from your Respective Stores.

For the gamers on PC we will show you how to download this very new Battle Royal Game in our Tutorial article on How To Download Apex Legends On PC.

How To Download Apex Legend On PC


In the very first step all, you have to do is go the Url which is provided below.

Apex Legends Downloading Page: How To Download Apex Legend On PC

Then click on the “Get The Game” button which is shown on the page. After you click it a small dialogue box will open. Just download the Apex Legends Installer.

Get the game


After installation Origin Client will open, Now all you need to do is to Login To your Origin Account, If you don’t have one just signup for a new one and login into it.

Origin Client: How To Download Apex Legend On PC


After logging into the Origin setup just Look for the game Apex Legends in it and click on “Add To Library” and press Next After selecting the Installation Directory.

Downloading Apex Legends

After this, a window will open stating a button namely “Download With Origin” You have to click on it.

Download with origin

That’s it, The game will start downloading in the Origin Client, and it’s status or download progress will be shown in the bottom left section of the Origin Client, as shown below.

How To Download Apex Legend On PC


It’s all down we have successfully downloaded and installed our New Game Apex Legends in our Windows Desktop or Laptop. You can play the game whose icon will be clearly seen on the desktop screen.

Apex Legends Icon On Desktop

Just click on it and enjoy the game play that too for free of cost. So let’s conclude our article on How To Download Apex Legends On Pc. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We will be happy to assist you guys. Thanks for Reading.

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