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How To Download New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 (4 Vs 4 Mode)



How To Download New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 (4 Vs 4 Mode]): Tencent secretly launched a New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 [4 Vs 4 Mode] and it is not yet released globally but currently, it is in beta stage.

This How To Download New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 [4 Vs 4 Mode] game has many new features and a better graphics performance, basically we can call it close to PUBG PC’s animations and feel.

So in this article we’re gonna show you the procedure on How To Download New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 [4 Vs 4 Mode], but first let’s discuss some of it’s main features.

What’s New In PUBG Mobile 1.1.7

Although there are many new features added in this all New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 the main highlight of this version is the 4 Vs 4 Mode or deathmatch Mode.

4 Vs Mode

How To Download New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 [4 Vs 4 Mode]

This PUBG Mobile 4 Vs 4 Mode is just like it was in Call Of Duty Games and CsGo. When you start this mode you will be matched with other 7 players (4 In Each Team) and will be spawned into a Fighting location.

How To Download New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 [4 Vs 4 Mode]

This location is completely new to the game and it was never seen in any other versions of PUBG Mobile. When you are finally spawned into the area you are allowed to choose any weapon and their attachments right there and play with it.


As you can see the above map, The place you are spawned in your area and the same location exactly at the other end is the Enemy spawn area and the section in between is the battlegrounds where the 4 Vs 4 Match will undergo.

Automatic Health Boost

Health Boost

In this version of the game when you are injured due to the attacks by the enemy your health will be decreased but in this version, you cannot use Health Kits or any types of Med Kits, After you get injured and if you survive for quite a time then your health will be automatically boosted.

Armour & Helmet

Armour and Helmet

When you are playing the PUBG Mobile 4 Vs 4 Mode, you can only make use of the Level 2 Armour and a Level 2 Helmet

What If You Get Killed?

If you get killed in the 4 Vs 4 Mode then you will be respawned automatically within three seconds. You will be invincible for the first three seconds after spawning and you will be spawned with the same sought of weapons which you had before you died.

The main highlight is you will not get knocked or you cannot even knock out your enemies, there’s direct kill concept. So there are no hassles of reviving teammates.

How To Win 4 Vs 4 Mode?


In the game, you will be able to see a Scoreboard on the center top of your screen which will show team points. If you kill an enemy your team will get one point and to win the game a team needs 40 points. The first team who reaches the 40 points mark eventually wins the game.

How To Download New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 [4 Vs 4 Mode]

So finally I am going to give you the links to download the All-New PUBG Mobile 1.1.7 4 Vs 4 Mode. For the android version, you can download the game from HERE! For the Apple users, you can download the game from HERE!.

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