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How To Download Rogue Company For Free



How To Download Rogue Company For Free

How To Download Rogue Company For Free: As we all knew this era is of Multiplayer gaming, recently a new third-person shooter video game namely Rogue Company has been started it’s close beta testing. It’s developed by the Hi-Rez Studios.

The Rogue Company is a 4V4 game which you can play with your friends and have a good time. So there is an easy way of claiming or downloading Rogue Company Game which we will be discussing it in easy steps.

How To Download Rogue Company For Free

What You Need?

  • Epic Games Account
  • Twitch Account


In the first step you have to click on this link HERE! and you will be redirected to a new page of Rogue Company where you have to link your accounts. Now you have to login through your respective platform accounts. For PC you have to login using the Epic Games Account, For Play Station you have to login using the PS account, For Nintendo you have to login using the Nintendo account, and For Xbox you have to login using your Microsoft Xbox account.

After logging in you will be headed to a page which will show you PS, XBOX, NINTENDO, EPIC GAMES and Twitch accounts, there you have to link your plat form account along with your Twitch Account.

Just Remember you need to link Your Rogue Company Account with your respective Platform account and Twitch Account. In My case, I was trying for a PC so I Linked my Epic Games Account and Twitch Accounts.


In the second step after the successful link-up of the accounts, you have to watch the exclusive Twitch Streams of Rogue Company game which has Drops Enabled mentioned on them. For your ease, I will be providing you the Links for the Exclusive streams HERE!

For best results, you have to start a drop enabled stream and then keep it running for at least 2 hours. If you are lucky you may get your Drop with the Redeem code in your Email.

How To Download Rogue Company For Free


After you have received a Twitch Drop providing game access, you’ll be sent a code in your email inbox. Redeem this code on the platform store you received (Epic Games, Xbox, PS4, or Switch) and download Rogue Company to start playing!

Rogue Company System Requirements

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
OS- Windows 7 64 bitOS- Windows 10
CPU- Intel(R) Core i5-2320CPU- Intel Core i7
GPU- Nvidia GTX 650GPU- Nvidia GTX 960
Storage- 20GBStorage- 20GB

So that’s it in this short and sweet blog on How To Download Rogue Company For Free. I hope this might help you in claiming the beta access to Rogue Company Game. Thanks for reading.

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