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How To Get Google Alerts On Website Indexing



How To Get Google Alerts On Website Indexing

How To Get Google Alerts On Website Indexing: Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, offered by the search engine company Google. The service sends emails to the user when it finds new results, such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research.

How To Get Google Alerts On Website Indexing

All you need to have is working and live website, It’s content must be of good quality, In order to receive or Get Google alerts on the website indexing, follow the steps below.

How To Get Alerts On Website Indexing?


Go To

Google Alerts Page
Google Alerts Page


Login to any of your preferred Google account which you want to receive email updates about Indexing of your Website. After Login you can see the page as illustrated below.

Google Alerts Setup

After selecting the user and preferred email you have to follow the next step.


In this step all you need to do is create a Google alert, But how? Let me take you through from here on.

Creating Alert

In the “Create an alert about…” section you have to type as shown below

For me, it must be

For you it should be

After entering the above details you have to click the Create Alert button.

Set An Alert

Do as it is shown in the illustration above for flawless setup of Google Alerts. After this your alert will be created successfully but do not worry you will not receive any email regarding the creation of alert.

Alert Created
Alert Created

What Now?

Everything that needs to be done from your side is completed now wait until any of your page get indexed on the Google Search Engine.

Whenever your post, article, or page got indexed you will receive an email from Google alerts as shown below.

Example of The Google Alerts Email Notification
Example of The Google Alerts Email Notification

Tadaa! So the result is here! My article on How To Temporarily Disable Instagram Account Got Indexed and I received an Email from Google Alerts about the indexation of my page in it’s search Engines.

So, let me know if you face any difficulty in setting up the Google alerts in the comment box below or you can also raise a Ticket from the Support section, We will be helping out you guys with immense pleasure.

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