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How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month



How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month

How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month: Who doesn’t’ know Netflix? I bet everyone does. Netflix is a streaming service that allows it’s users to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of Internet-connected devices.

With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of content without having to watch a single commercial. There’s always something new to discover, and more TV shows and movies are added every month!

Netflix Logo
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But the main issue with Netflix is its cost and pricing. Its very expensive. On the other hand Netflix is very addictive. So the company started a trial program through the new users can get all the benefits of Netflix Premium Subscription FREE OF COST.

In this article, we gonna show you How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month in simple steps.

How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month?


In the first step you have to open your Web browser and go to the URL.

How To Get Netflix For Free

When you enter the above URL you will see a web page which consist of a button namely “Watch Free For 30 Days”. Just click on it and proceed to the next step.


In this step, you all need to do is to select a plan. Basically, Netflix comes with three plans.

Choose Plans
  1. Single Screen Plan (HD)
  2. Double Screen Plan (HD)
  3. Four Screen Plan (UHD)
How To Get Netflix For Free

Now choose the Four Screen (UHD) Plan and Press continue to proceed to the next step.


Now in this step you have to create your account by providing with the Email Address and Password.

Note: Remember you have to use An Email Address which was Never used on Netflix Before.

How To Get Netflix For Free

Press “Continue” and you will be given a small form to write your Email Address and Password. Do as it says and Press “Continue”.

How To Get Netflix For Free


In this steep you have to set up your Payment Information. As a security Netflix takes your Payment Details. But don’t worry, you will not be charged for it.

Payment Options

Select the option in the payment section Namely “Credit Card/ Debit Card” which also showcase small icons of various payments options like Amex, Master Card, Visa Etc.

After entering into the option a form will be open where you have to provide your Payment Details like

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Number
  • Card Expiry Date
  • CVV Number

Then check the “I Agree” box and click on the button namely “Start Membership”

Payment Details


In this step, after you provided your Payment Details to Netflix, It verify them or want you to verify it by following the steps On Screen. They may vary from Bank to Bank and Region To Region.

How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month

Now you have to click on the button Namely “Verify Card”. After the verification is done you will be redirected to another page.


After all the verification and Payment process is completed you will be redirected to another page where you will see a message.

Welcome To Netflix!

Welcome To Netflix

In this page, you have to enter your Mobile number and Click on agree to receive Notifications from Netflix, Then click on “Continue”.


Add Devices

In this step you all need to do is to select the types of devices and platform on which you are going to use this Netflix Account. After selecting the Devices click on “Continue”.


How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month

In this very page, you have to Enter the names of the people who are going to watch or with whom you are going to share your Netflix Account, It can be anyone like your Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, or a friend. If you didn’t wanna share it with anyone then just enter your name in the first column and click on “Continue”.


This is the most important step which you have to follow. All you have to go to the Account Settings of Netflix and Click on a button Namely “Cancel Account” this will end your membership at the end of Trial Period.

Add Profile

If you fail to cancel this option the you will be automatically charged for the next period as the trial period is over.


Enjoy Netflix

Tadda! it’s all done in this article regarding How To Get Netflix For Free. Now sit back and enjoy Netflix for a month that too for free.

My Word

That’s all in this short and Simple tutorial involving step by step procedure on How To Get Netflix For Free For a Month. I hope this may help you. Kindly share your views in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading.

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