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How To Install Android Q Beta On Mobile



How To Install Android Q Beta On Your Device

How To Install Android Q Beta: As we all knew Google recently released Android Q beta (First) on Wednesday. Android Q or Android 10 still doesn’t get its name which will usually be named after a Dessert. The stable version of Android Q Along with a name will be released later this Year in the Google’s I/O.

The beta program is available for the people with the eligible devices who want to help testing our All New Android Q. This Android Q First Beta is Available for all unlike as the last Year Beta first of Android Pie or Android 9 was limited to only Developers.

Is Installing Android Q a Wise Decision?

How To Install Android Q Beta
Android Q (Unofficial Logo)

I must say you that the Android Q is still in the beta stage and may have a lot of Bugs. These bugs can decrease your Battery life drastically. If Your device is not mentioned in the Eligible Devices for the Android Q Beta, Then I advise you to stay away from Upgrading because on doing so. You may end up bricking your phone. Which I Think would be a worst scenario.

If you got a spare device within the eligibility criteria then you can risk it. Beta testing is thing of great fun. As we explore the new Os and Enjoy the program even before it’s Global Official Release. That feels like we’re VIP!

Eligible Devices for Android Q Beta

  1. Pixel
  2. Pixel XL
  3. Pixel 2
  4. Pixel 2 XL
  5. Pixel 3
  6. Pixel 3 XL
Pixel Devices
Pixel Devices

As you can see the Pixel devices are born with special privileges! Now I am also planning to get a Pixel Mobile for Myself.

If your device is in the above list. Then its a great News, and you can proceed further on upgrading to the latest version of Android which is Android Q.

If your device is not mentioned in the above list then you have to wait for your Mobile brand to release the Android Q Update or you may consider upgrading your whole device to the above eligible Mobile Phones.

How To Install Android Q Beta

To install the Android Q in your device you have to visit this page regarding Google Beta Program from your eligible android Pixel Device and you have to scroll down on the page till you see a button namely “Opt-In” or “Enroll Into Beta”.

How To Install Android Q Beta

Then you have to Accept the terms and conditions of Google. If your enrollment is finished then its all done. Now you will receive Android Q beta Update via Over-The-Air Update or you can also call it as OTA Update.

It can take 24 hours for the update to reflect on your Mobile device. So sit back and relax after the enrollment procedures.

How To Opt-out Of Android Q Beta Program?

Yes Regardless of how you installed the beta, you can leave at any time. For those who signed up through the beta program, you can visit the same site again and opt out. You will receive the latest official build for your device over-the-air, but it will factory-reset your phone. 

My Word

I hope you may have got all your answers regarding on How To Install Android Q Beta. Feel free to share your views in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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