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How To Install PUBG PC Lite For Free



How To Install PUBG PC Lite For Free

How To Install PUBG PC Lite For Free: Finally, PUBG lite has arrived for PC and its absolutely free of cost. But it is only available in Thailand and players around the globe except Thailand won’t be able to play it. But, in this article i will guide you to download and install PUBG lite on PC and from anywhere in the world.

The best part about PUBG lite is that it will run smoothly even on low end PC’s. PUBG’s PC version which is for around 1000 INR is very resource hungry. PUBG lite is the best alternative to this if you have a low end computer with only 4 gigs of RAM and a decent graphics card.

In short, you can play PUBG on any PC

  • Without Emulators
  • On low end PC
  • And that for FREE

Remember: PUBG lite for pc is not PUBG pc (that you buy) in a lighter version. This will have the same content as Pubg mobile but with pc settings.

How To Install PUBG PC Lite For Free ?

As I said before that PUBG lite is only available in thailand but you can still play it from anywhere. For this you will need…

  • A VPN
  • Minimum 8 GB HDD
  • 4 GB RAM

Step-1: Connect to Thailand servers

Open the VPN that you are using and connect it to any available Thailand server. For this purpose, I am using the trial version of Nord VPN. If you are using a free service just make sure that it has Thailand servers in their trial version. You can also use Best VPN For Windows.

Nord VPN Thailand Server
Nord VPN Thailand Server

Step-2: Register For PUBG Lite And Confirmed Your Account

Register Your Account
Register Your Account

Open your web browser and head on to this link and register with your email ID. Check your inbox and confirm the account. If you already have a PUBG account then you don’t have to register and can skip to the next step.

Step-3: Download The Installer And Install PUBG Lite

PUBG Lite Installer
PUBG Lite Installer

Once you registered, copy and paste this link- in the search bar. Once you hit enter, download (61.2 mb) will start automatically. Run the installer and install PUBG lite launcher.

Step-4: Download And Install PUBG Lite

Download and install PUBG Lite
Download and install PUBG Lite

Run the PUBG lite launcher and log in with your registered account. Then download PUBG Lite which is around 2.9 GB. It took me around 1.5 hours to complete the download process on a trial VPN service.

The game will be installed and then you are ready to play.

Important Note: You need to connect to Thailand server everytime you need to play or else the game won’t run. This will result in high ping as the thailand servers are very slow.

The good news is the game will be available globally soon and then you can install PUBG lite on any PC without any VPN or emulator.

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