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How To Plan Your Trip In Hyderabad Metro Rail



How To Plan Your Trip In Hyderabad Metro Rail

How To Plan Your Trip In Hyderabad Metro Rail: Hyderabad Metro Rail is the largest Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the world, in the Metro rail sector, with a total network of seventy-two kilometers spread across Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) will operate on three distinct lines – Blue, Green, and Red, comfortably connected with existing Indian railways terminals, MMTS and bus stations along the corridors.

Eco-friendly, fully automated and best-in-class transportation framework that will contribute to a reduction in carbon footprints and overall pollution using Regenerative Braking Technology (RBT) and running on Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) technology. Comfortable air-conditioned coaches that will reduce commuting time across the city.

How To Plan Your Trip In Hyderabad Metro Rail

How To Plan Your Trip In Hyderabad Metro Rail

1. Find your nearest station

Metro train network map has the information about all stations in the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) and it will help you to select the station nearest to your source location as well as the station nearest to your destination.

2. Buy ticket(s)

You may purchase a smart card or a token at an Automatic Vending Machine (AVM) machine or a ticketing office at all Metro stations. A smart card acts as a virtual wallet and takes care of trip payments. Passengers may buy a card online using the TSavaari App or at any of our Metro stations. It can also be delivered to your residential address for a nominal payment.

3. Reach platform

Once you pass through the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates, you will find elevators, escalators, and stairs to reach the platform. Please take care of your belongings inside Metro premises and while traveling by Metro trains. Signage boards placed strategically will help you to find the train platform. Our Customer Care is available for all assistance.

4. Board the train

Metro train doors will open automatically when the train has come to a halt at a station. You can form a queue and board the train after passengers have alighted at the Metro station. Our staff will be available to guide you with all your queries. ‘Door closing’ signage light will flash accompanied by audio announcements as a warning to move away from the doors.

5. Reach destination

All Metro trains will announce and flash the name of the approaching station in the electronic panels. You will also find network maps inside the trains that will help you to locate your destination station.

6. Exit station

Metro train doors will close once passengers have alighted the train. Escalators, elevators, and staircases will take passengers to the Concourse level. If you are traveling with a smart card, please tap it on the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) gate and the amount equivalent to the applicable fare will be deducted. In case you have purchased a token, you are requested to drop the token at a designated place for it to open. Signage and local area maps will help you to exit the station.

My Word On How To Plan Your Trip In Hyderabad Metro Rail

So that’s it in this article on How To Plan Your Trip In Hyderabad Metro Rail, I hope this might help you in planning your trip in Hyderabad Metro Rail. Feel free to comment your views on this post, Thanks for reading.

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