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Jio Fiber Plans and Everything You Need To Know



Jio Fiber Plans and Everything You Need To Know

Jio Fiber Plans and Everything You Need To Know: As we all knew Jio launched it’s most awaited Broadband Service in the name of Jio Fiber, So in this article, I am gonna explain you about its Plans and Tariff, Booking Procedure, Speed and all the things you need to know. So let’s begin.

So Jio Fiber is now officially rolled out and it’s basic and the cheapest plan started at Rs. 699 per month which is Exclusive of GST, which means you have to pay an extra amount for GST which is 18%.

The Jio company has revealed all the details including the plans, booking process, landline service, set-top box etc in the AGM 2019.

Jio Fiber Plans Details

As per Reliance Jio, the company is going to offer a total of 6 prepaid plans, and they are named as

  1. Bronze (Rs. 699 Per Month)
  2. Silver (Rs. 849 Per Month)
  3. Gold (Rs. 1,299 Per Month)
  4. Diamond (Rs. 2,499 Per Month)
  5. Platinum (Rs. 3,999 Per Month)
  6. Titanium (Rs. 8,499 Per Month)
Jio Fiber Month Plans Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Platinum Titanium
Price Rs. 699 Rs. 849 Rs. 1,299 Rs. 2,499 Rs. 3,999 Rs. 8,499
Speeds100Mbps100Mbps250Mbps500Mbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
FUP 100GB + 50GB 200GB + 200GB 500GB + 250GB 1250GB + 250GB 2500GB 5000GB

The company is also going to provide long term plans for 3-Months, 6-Months, and 12-Months. They revealed that the Jio Fiber plans will come with unlimited Download & upload, but there is a small tricky thing i,e. FUP (Fair Usage Policy) according to FUP the starting limit is 100 GB per month for the base plan and thereby increasing FUP limits for the higher plans.

Apart from the Internet connection, Jio will also be providing a Landline Phone which will have unlimited Voice calling feature until the plan expires. TV video calling, gaming, and Norton antivirus for up to 5 devices. Specifically, the Jio Fiber Platinum and Titanium plan users will also get access to Jio VR platform, Jio First-Day First-Show movies service, and special sports content.

Jio Fiber Plans and Everything You Need To Know

Jio Fiber Plans and Everything You Need To Know

Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

Jio Fiber Plans and Everything You Need To Know

According to the Jio Fiber Welcome offer the customers who buy the annual plan, this welcome offer will get them a free Jio Home Gateway Device (Worth Rs. 5,000), Jio 4K Set Top Box (Worth Rs. 6,400), Two months of extra service and twice the data compare to the normal customers.

The offer includes free three-month access to Jio Cinema and JioSaavn apps for Bronze Subscribers, The silver subscribers will get a three-month subscription of OTT Apps and Gold, Diamond, and Platinum annual plan subscribers will get a free 24-inch HD TV but only if they opt for a two-year plan and the Titanium annual plan subscribers will get a 43-inch 4K TV.

Whereas the 6 Months plan comes with one month of extra service and 50% extra data, the 3 months plan will get just 25% extra benefits.

How To Book Jio Fiber Connection and Charges

Jio Fiber Plans and Everything You Need To Know

The interested customers can register themselves for the Jio Fiber connection by visiting the company’s website or My Jio App from respective Android’s play store or Apple’s App Store. If the Jio Fiber connection is available in your location than a Jio representative will call you shortly.

Jio Fiber Installation Charges?

Yes! there will be a one-time charge for getting started with a new Jio Fiber connection. A customer has to pay Rs. 2,500 out of which Rs. 1,500 will be Refundable security deposit for the Jio Modem and the remaining Rs. 1,000 will be non-refundable installation charge.

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