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Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable



Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable: Games! how wonderful that word is? As a kid I loved them and still I am a gamer. These are stress Busters and help us to Cop with any extreme situation by resting our mind or diverting it from any sort of Depression.

Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable [Image Source: PIXABAY]
Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable [Image Source: PIXABAY]

In this article we will recall some old Classic Video Games which we use to play when we were kids. Let us recall those good memories of our childhood. Do you know the fact that when we play these games today we will get a complete feel of our childhood as if we are again into it.

So let us not waste any more time and proceed with our Classical list of the Old Childhood Games Which are Unforgettable.

List Of Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

1. Road Rash

Road Rash: Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

Every hardcore gamer of today’s world once started his gaming journey with Road Rash! isn’t it? My first game was Road Rash which I ever played on my new Computer way back in 2007. It was my dream to have my own personal computer and I wanna spend my nights through playing the very addictive racing game of Road Rash.

Road Rash Loading Menu: Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

Road Rash was more famous for the Weird photos of people on it’s menu and loading screens. I bet they were funny as hell. Sometime they might have scared you out of your soul. Am I right?

The main achievement in this game was to kill the Flag Man in the beginning of the race and also the old man Pedestrians on roads. The main highlight of this game was you can punch and Leg an opponent to make him fall of his bike.

Don’t you remember when we use to play Road Rash we let our siblings press the ENTER Key and SPACE BAR to kill the policeman or the opponents!

So now let us move to our next Game on the list of Old Childhood Games Which are Unforgettable.

2. Prince Of Persia

Prince Of Persia

Prince of Persia was another addictive game in our child hood. It usually based on a Prince who fights with his enemies in a Dungeon. The difficulty level was so high that it took me several months to complete the title.

Prince Of Persia: Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

The main difficult thing were the swords which arose from the ground and would eventually kill the prince. It was so addictive that I spent several days and night trying to complete all the missions.

I bet if you are a gamer you would have played this beautiful game in your childhood.

So now let us move to our next Game on the list of Old Childhood Games Which are Unforgettable.

3. Virtual Cop 2

Virtual Cop 2: Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

Sega developed the Windows shooter game Virtua Cop 2 in 1997. Virtua Cop 2 is currently abandonware, runs on Windows and can be played in single player, multiplayer (Internet, LAN / local, Modem, same or split screen) modes. Virtua Cop 2 is a conversion from an arcade coin-op machine.

Virtual Cop 2

I cant’s say it was that good in terms of graphics or game play, but it was famous as PUBG is famous now! Yes it was. I use to play it when I was a small kid that too on my new desktop. While playing this game we use to feel completely as a Cop or a policeman.

The main motive of this game is that you play as a Cop and you needed to attack and kill all the Culprits and Burgulars, and for a funny quote.

It was a First Person Shooter (FPP) Game

So now let us move to our next Game on the list of Old Childhood Games Which are Unforgettable.

4. Max Payne

Max Payne

Max Payne by Rockstar Games. Hell yeah, the most scariest game I ever gotta play. It’s a crime thriller with all the Creepy aspects.

Max Payne is a third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Gathering of Developers in July 2001 for Microsoft Windows. Ports created later in the year for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and the Game Boy Advance were published by Rockstar Games.

Max Payne

It was that scary, one could get sleepless nights. Max Payne game was filled with many musical tracks which were so damn scary. Eventually I was fortunate enough to clear this game.

After Max Payne more two sequels were released and I completed those too.

5. Grand Theft Auto Vice City

GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 29 October 2002 for the PlayStation 2, on 12 May 2003 for Microsoft Windows, and on 31 October 2003 for the Xbox.

This was my first GTA Title I ever played. GTA Vice city is a legendary game in the history of Gaming Industry. Because of the GTA Games many games wouldn’t have existed now. I mean the open world concept was brought to the gaming by Rockstar in the name of The Grand Theft Auto Franchise.

GTA Vice City: Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

GTA Vice city was the most special one because it was my first Open world game. I got addicted to it and played it for hours and hours and hours without even getting any track of time. Got scolds from parents and teachers due to this game but still can’t get Breakup with the most beautiful game.

The main highlight was the fun created in the game was using the cheat codes. The first cheat code I came across was “SEAWAYS” which will turn you car into a boat and the car can run over the waters.

There were many other cheat codes in the game which were an absolute fun. The missions were interesting and with adequate amount of difficulty level. It wasn’t too easy and not too hard. My childhood was much happier because of this Game.

My Word On Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable

So we came across five games under the Article Old Childhood Games Which Are Unforgettable. I hope this article can relate to your childhood memories. Thanks for reading, If you have any suggestions feel free to write in the comments below.

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