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PUBG Birthday Crate Looks Like Kaaba



PUBG Birthday Crate Looks Like Kaaba

PUBG Birthday Crate Looks Like Kaaba: PUBG Mobile recently got its new update which is 0.11.5 on 20th of March 2019. As we all aware of the PUBG first anniversary. So to celebrate the occasion PUBG released a special crate for rewards in the game.

PUBG Birthday Crate Looks Like Kaaba

The PUBG Mobile Birthday crate looks like Muslim’s Holy Place situated in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This created outrage among Muslims as it was hurting their religious sentiments. Many famous personalities stood up against this.

As PUBG loves feedback many people wrote to them regarding this issue as it was becoming a global issue. People stated it as Offensive because Kaaba is the holiest place for Muslims all around the globe.

Did PUBG Apologize?

Yes! I am happy to see the big companies like PUBG Corp taking the decision sensibly. They apologized to the Muslim Population all around the world through PUBG Mobile’s Official Twitter Handle. They Stated that

“We appreciate your feedback on the Birthday Crate, and we apologize for this oversight. We will redesign the Birthday Crate and release it soon. Thank you for your continued support of PUBG MOBILE. “

The official tweet can be seen right here

Did PUBG Changed Birthday Crate?

Yes! PUBG Mobile has pushed an update to all the users throughout the world in order to change the design of the Birthday Crate. They took this issue on priority and even apologized for the same.

PUBG Birthday Crate Looks Like Kaaba
PUBG Mobile New Birthday Crate

PUBG Mobile is already being lured into many allegations because of its addiction among youngsters. Many Child Welfare associations and NGO’s filed various complaints against the Battle Royal Giant. PUBG Mobile is even banned in various states and the cities in India.

Time Restriction On PUBG Mobile In India?

PUBG Mobile even working on a feature which will restrict game play after the allotted period of time. You can read about PUBG MOBILE Time Based Restriction. PUBG Mobile is working very hard for the digital well being of the players.

My Word On PUBG Birthday Crate Looks Like Kaaba Issue

So that’s it in this Tech update regarding PUBG Birthday Crate Looks Like Kaaba. I am happy to see PUBG took fast move to fix this. Share your opinion on this topic in the comment section below. Thanks For Reading.

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