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PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Beta Update, Zombie Mode and Much More [Download]



PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Beta Update, Zombie Mode and Much More [Download]

PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Beta Update, Zombie Mode and Much More: The Tencent team has released the PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update for all PUBG Mobile users around the world. And now, everyone is talking about the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Update. It’s amazing new Resident Evil 2 PUBG Zombie Mode.

There have been rumors roaming everywhere that PUBG Mobile Vekendi Weather (Day, Moonlight & Snow) and new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is coming with the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 version along with new weapons, vehicles, and more features that we will discuss here. So, the good news is that finally, the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Beta APK file released official with more new features.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Beta Update Changes and New Features

Vekendi Weather (Day, Moonlight & Snow)

Well, the new PUBG 0.10.5 mobile version has Vikendi Beta with simple Day and Snow weather. But, have you through about Vikendi Night mode? How would it look when the moonlight touches the snow of Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Night Mode
PUBG Mobile Vikendi Night Mode

Since the official PUBG Vikendi trailer has some glimpse of Vikendi night mode or we can say Vikendi Moonlight which looks beautifully amazing. Well we haven’t seen any Vikendi Moonlight mode in PUBG Mobile 0.10.5. Hence, The new Moonlight Mode added in Vikendi map. So, it will be more fun with Vikendi moonlight mode in PUBG Mobile.


As the first PUBG Snow map teaser stated with some footprint, the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 coming with the function of footprint tracking. So, Track down your enemies in an entirely new way. With footprints and tire tracks in the snow, you will always know where your enemy has been.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

As PUBG makers have earlier announced the teaser of PUBG Mobile Zombie mode on its social media platforms, it also expected that they will add Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 version.

So, the good new is they added RE2 in PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Beta version. Sunset, a new time-limited event mode. Fight to survive as usual on Erangel, but Zombies and Bosses from Resident Evil 2 will also spawn on the map! Kill them to get resources and items.

What’s More On This 0.11.0 Update?

  • Added Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music.
  • Added weather: Moonlight to Vikendi.
  • Added Personal Spaces, where player information and Connections are displayed. Select a friend with Synergy 400 or above as Partner to stand by your side in your Space!
  • Added push-to-talk chat in matches.
  • Sanhok is now available in Arcade – Quick Match.
  • Added a PC feature: damage stacking outside of the safe zone. The further away players are from the safe zone, the more damage they take.
  • Added feature form our PC counterpart: Air raid adjustment. In Sanhok and Vinkendi, the size of the air raid area is reduced as the safe zone reduces in size.

You Can Download PUBG Mobile Beta V 0.11.0 From Here

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