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PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick Patched By Google



PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick Patched By Google

PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick Patched By Google: Before starting the article I want to give a short Disclaimer that this article is a piece of delayed news and Infoleria doesn’t entertain this Glitch to the users. However, this Glitch is patched so no one can use it now. So we are publishing this article in the form of Tech Update after everything was patched up.

A few days ago a glitch arose in the Google Play Store where Google was providing a Rs 140 Gift card to the users for using it in any game or In-App Purchases on the Google Play Store. This was introduced on the occasion of Holi. So it was basically India Exclusive.

PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick Patched By Google

Using the trick one can buy 8100 UC In PUBG Mobile at Rs 0! Yes 8100 UC For Free in PUBG Mobile, these UC Can be used for buying or Upgrading the Royal Pass and for buying stuff too.

So many people misused this Glitch, As we all know PUBG Mobile Season 6 is just started so this PUBG Mobile 8100 UC trick spread like a wild fire. Some people were using multiple devices to get 8100 UC more than one time and thereby they were Looting the PUBG Mobile and Google Play Store.

Some people were buying UC for free from more than one device and were using Gifting feature of PUBG Mobile to send the stuff to their main accounts. So in order to tackle this issue, PUBG Mobile reportedly halted their UC Buying and Gifting services for a short period of time.

PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick Patched By Google

Will PUBG Ban Those Who Used 8100 UC Trick?

There are some reports stating that few users who used this PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick got banned for 3650 days! from playing the game. But they are in very less number and also there is a very less chance of getting banned because the majority of the players used this glitch to buy 8100 UC. However, it was a Google Glitch but not the PUBG’s.

Google Play Cancelled the Orders

As on 30th of March 2019, The people who used the above mentioned trick got a Email from Google about the Dysfunction of the Payment system. So google started cancelling orders and also asked PUBG Mobile Corporation to do the same.

So the people who made purchases within this Glitch will loose all of their UC from their PUBG Mobile Account. The Email sent by Google Play can be seen below.

Google Play Cancelled the Orders

The people who upgraded to the Elite Pass Season 6 from UC which was Purchased through the PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick are downgraded to the General Pass or the Normal Royal Pass.

My Word

I recommend you all to not to try such Tricks to buy anything in any game because it is wrong and it will incur losses to the company. As we all enjoy playing PUBG Mobile so we shouldn’t loot them. This may result in the downfall of any business structure if it occurs more regularly.

So That’s all in this short Tech Update on PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick Patched By Google. I hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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