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PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick 100% Safe



PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick

PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick 100% Safe: Tricks! who don’t like tricks? I guess everyone likes them especially when they are giving away PUBG Mobile UC for free! Yes, there’s a new trick that is going viral. In this article, we are going to show you the steps to do it.

Step-1: First you have to open the PUBG Mobile application and go into the Bonus Challange and now you have to redeem 1000 battle coins that are worth 100 UC one time and again you have to redeem 1000 Battle Coins which is worth of 100 UC Yes, there’s a small catch here! you have to first buy 200 UC for this trick and you will get double of it!

PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick

Step-2: Now after redeeming 2000 Battle Coins now you can redeem these 2000 Battle coins for the 300 UC! there’s Profit in this! Right? So go ahead and redeem the 2000 Battle Coins to get the 300 UC in your inbox.

PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick

Now after collecting 300 UC from the inbox after redeeming the Battlecoins with UC, you can again use these 300 UC to repeat the process all over again but it only works for just two times per account. So there will be 200 UC which we will get for free indirectly.

PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick

PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick

So that’s it in this article on PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick, This is the safest and working method of getting PUBG Mobile UC for absolutely free If we come across any more ticks in future, we will definitely share it with our Infoleria Community without fail, I hope this article will help you in getting your free PUBG Mobile 200 UC, Thanks for reading and keeps sharing this article because SHARING IS CARING!

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