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PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date & Rewards



PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date & Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date & Rewards: As we all know PUBG Mobile Season 5 is about to end on 18th of March 2019. As soon as the season ends the new season will arrive with a lot of rewards.

The season 5 was started on 21st of January 2019 and will continue till 18th of March 2019. So this states that the PUBG Mobile Season 6 most probably will start in between 20th of March or 21st of March 2019.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date & Rewards

So few days to go for the New Season 6. Again we will be grinding those Royal Pass Missions for RP points and to achieve that Honorary Tag on the Spawning Plane.

The famous Youtuber Mr. Ghost Gaming has already shared videos giving an early look at Season 6. The video shows an alleged promo from PUBG Mobile that includes some of the changes we are already seeing in the game including the whole 1st Anniversary shenanigans.

PUBG Mobile will be celebrating its first anniversary on 19th of March 2019.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date & Rewards

The game will go down for the maintenance break on 19th March, probably at night so you won’t be able to play the game. But the next morning that is on 20th March, the game will be ready for an update. Tiers will be pushed and achievements will become records and we will witness some new achievements, missions, and challenges.

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New Rewards And Features

M416 Skin

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date & Rewards

M416 is a popular Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile and with the season 6, new skin will be released for it. Earlier a skin for M416 was released in PUBG Mobile season 5 but it was not available for everyone for Free! But in PUBG Mobile Season 6 it will be available To All for free.

The name for the skin is “Rugged Orange Skin”. Apart from this skin various other Attires are also going to be added.

New Emotes or Dances

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date & Rewards

We are all aware of Emotes in PUBG Mobile because it adds the Fun factor in the intensified serious game-play. So in the PUBG Mobile season, 6 new Emotes and dances will be added

My Word On PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release

I hope you may have liked these few Leaks regarding The PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release date & Rewards. Feel free to show your opinion in the comment section Below. Thanks for reading.

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