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PUBG PC Is Getting Easier



PUBG PC Is Getting Easier

PUBG PC Is Getting Easier: PUBG PC Aka Players Unknown Battlegrounds is the very famous Battle Royal Game. This game has been successfully running on all the platforms including Xbox, Play Station and PC.

PUBG Mobile is the Mobile version of the famous Battle Royal Game.

The main topic for today “Is PUBG PC looking slightly easier to play during these days of February 2019”? or it’s just a case for me. PUBG is a kinda tough game. It requires lot of skills in Gaming like Aiming, Spotting, Better Hand-eye coordination, and many other skills.

Is PUBG PC Is Getting Easier?

My answer is YES! It is getting easier and the main reason is the launch of another Battle Royal Game By EA. Recently, Titanfall maker Respawn Entertainment has launched its Battle Royal Game by name “Apex Legends”. The main highlight of this amazing game is that it is for FREE!.

Chicken Dinner: PUBG PC Is Getting Easier

As we all know the PUBG games other than PUBG Mobile are Paid. It means you cannot play PUBG for free. But the new game Apex Legends is now launched as Free To Play on the Origin By EA.

Many popular Game Streamers on YouTube and Twitch are streaming Apex Legends. Even Normal people started Downloading Apex Legends for free and Playing it too.

This shows that there’s a great hype created for Apex Legends. As people got used to PUBG and were playing and streaming it since it’s launch, I must say, It is giving good competition to PUBG

Many people are complaining about the delayed Matchmaking in PUBG. Do you think Apex Legends is the reason For it? I must say that Yes! Apex Legends is trending now and there’s not enough players for Matchmaking in PUBG. Thereby causing delays.

What’s Making PUBG PC Easier To Play?

The main thing is that all the professional players, Gaming Influencers and also the Veteran Gamers are into the new Apex Legends. So very few people are playing PUBG PC as of now.

As all the experienced players aren’t Playing PUBG, Literally it is making the gameplay Easier for inexperienced players like me! hehe, That’s a bit funny statement. Isn’t it?

Is This a Good Time To get some Chicken Dinners In PUBG PC?

Chicken Dinner: PUBG PC Is Getting Easier

Yes! Absolutely Yes! it is a very good time to Play PUBG PC and get some wins under your belt. As all the Experienced players are into Apex Legends it’s time for the inexperienced ones to get some Experience as PUBG PC is getting Easier to play.

So, this was my opinion on PUBG PC is getting Easier. I hope many had observed this change after the launch of Apex Legends. You can comment your opinion below. Thanks for reading.

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