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Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Redgear MK881 Invador Review



Best Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Redgear MK881 Invador Review: Every gamer dreams of buying a mechanical gaming keyboard to experience and the key strokes and the soulful sound they make when pressing them. But the main issue with the mechanical keyboards is that they are way costlier than the traditional membrane keyboards.

The mechanical keyboards gives the feel and also lit up the setup with their lightning effects. Typing and playing games on these keyboards is much more comfortable than the ordinary ones.

So in this article, I am gonna be covering one of the Best Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that should fit in the budget of a normal budget gamer. So let us begin our journey.

1. Redgear MK881 Invador Professional Mechanical Keyboard

The Redgear Mk881 Invador is a Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming. It has the Kailh Blue Switches which are similar to the Cherry MX Blue switches. The lifespan of keystrokes in 70 million and that’s definitely a huge number.

The weight of this keyboard is slightly on the higher side with 860g. This can make it a bit difficult for carrying but the weight shouldn’t bother you much as long as you’re not moving it often.

It has 104 keys and that included a function key that enables you to choose the multimedia keys, change LED profile and enable/disable the Windows Key Lock feature.

This keyboard has a dimension of 442x138x39 mm and it comes in only black color. Some other features include RGB Lightning Effect, 6 LED Profiles, Windows Key Lock and Full Anti-Ghosting.

You can also create custom LED profiles in which you can select those keys in which you want to enable the LED lights. Sadly, there’s no wrist rest but that’s not a big issue as it already has some great features for a budget mechanical keyboard.

Features Of Redgear MK881 Invador Professional Mechanical Keyboard


Ghosting is a situation when multiple keystrokes fail to get registered because the keyboard is unable to work on so many signals simultaneously. It becomes a serious issue if you’re playing games that require multiple key presses at the same time. This keyboard comes with the Full Anti-Ghosting Technology that supports simultaneously pressing of all the keys.

Windows Key Lock

The Windows key can become another issue as pressing this key minimizes the game. Accidentally pressing this key is a serious problem in online gaming or when you are on the brink of completing a difficult mission. In this keyboard, pressing the FN Key with the Windows Key enables the Windows Key Lock feature.

LED Profiles

This keyboard has 8 different LED Modes and 6 different LED profiles. It also supports creating your own LED Profile. The process of creating a custom profile is explained in the next section. To use the LED Modes, press and hold the FN Key and then press the PS/SL/PB/INS/HM/PU/DEL key for the desired effect. For LED Profiles, press FN+ Number Key (6,7,8, 9). Pressing FN+END turns off the LED lights.

Custom LED Profiles

Yes, you can set up to three different LED Profiles on this Keyboard. That’s awesome, right?To create a custom profile, follow these steps:

  1. Press FN+PD Key
  2. Press FN+1 or FN+2 or FN+3 for the desired profile number
  3. Now start pressing the keys one by one that you want to be included in this profile
  4. Once, you’re done, press FN+PD to save this profile
  5. Now, you can activate these profiles by pressing FN+1 or FN+2 or FN+3

Keycap Puller

Keycap Puller
Keycap Puller

There’s Keycap Puller included with the package. It is used to remove the keys so that they can be cleaned or replaced. Even though you can remove the keys on the sides just by using your fingers but the same cannot be done for the other keys.

Multimedia Buttons

There are no separate multimedia keys but you can use the function key (FN) for the same. Press FN+F1 to F12 to perform the desired action. It includes multimedia features such as opening the My Computer, Internet Browser, Calculator, Music Player, Play/Stop/Pause, Search, Lock, and Email. Sadly, there’s no volume control button.

My Opinion On Redgear MK881 Invador Review

As I’ve already mentioned before, I’ve been using this keyboard for more than 6 Months and now I feel that I’ve used it enough to give a proper and detailed Opinion.

I’ve used this mechanical keyboard for content writing, gaming, and programming and I found it useful in each case. In my opinion, this keyboard should make typing easier and faster for any kind of general computer user. But for work and gaming, I will highly recommend you to get the RedGear MK881.

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