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The Quranic Park – Learn About Miracles



The Quranic Park – Learn About Miracles

The Quranic Park – Learn about Miracles: Be Enlightened By The Holy Quran Park, Quranic Park Project is a pioneering modern, cultural project that emerges from the cultural and scientific achievements of Islam.

The Quranic Park – Learn About Miracles

Where the Park is an excellent opportunity to explain many beautiful meanings and miracles that the Holy Quran contained in the scientific and medical fields, by a collection of plants mentioned in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Moreover, let the visitors know about types of those plants and their importance and scientific and nutritional value and benefits and how modern medicine depends heavily on them in the treatment and advantages of the environment.

The Quranic Park – Learn About Miracles

Quranic Park aims to provide bridges of intellectual and cultural communication with different cultures, religions, and peoples to see the artistic achievements of the Islamic faith in the field of plant ecology.

Vision the project of the Holy Quran Park to be a Quranic garden in the heart of a modern City with an Islamic vision and cultural values. The project will be one of Dubai’s landmarks, complementing Dubai’s recreational, educational, leisure and tourism projects.

Vision the project of the Holy Quran Park to be a Quranic garden in the heart of a modern City with an Islamic vision and cultural values. The project will be one of Dubai’s landmarks, complementing Dubai’s recreational, educational, leisure and tourism projects.

Some of the Exciting Features of Quranic Park:

The following are some of the most beautiful features of The Quranic Park:


There will be 12 orchards, each containing the plants mentioned in the Quran. These plants, known for their scientific and medical uses, include bananas, basil, corn, cucumbers, cumin, ginger, grapes, leeks, lentils, melons, onions, olives, pomegranates, squash, tamarind, and wheat.

Glass House

The Glass House

This will contain plants that need a controlled environment for growth. These plants are cited in the Quran and Sunnah. One of the two main attractions at the Quranic Park, The Glass House is home to 29 different plants and trees that are mentioned in the Quran and The Sunnah (the Arabic word for tradition, for Muslims, it means “the way of the Prophet“).

The Cave Of Miracles

Using the latest technology, the cave will feature seven miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran. The Cave of Miracles is a human-made cave (it even has stalactites!) which depicts wonders revolving around the Prophets that occurred in the Holy Quran.

The Cave Of Miracles

Some of the miracles you can expect to see include Prophet Ibrahim’s (A.S) miracle in reviving the bird, Prophet Mosa’s (A.S) miracle of the Sea, Prophet Jesus/Issa’s (A.S) miracle of creating a bird out of clay and more.

Address & Ticket Information

The Quranic Park is located at Al Khawaneej, close to Mushrif Park and is opened from 8 am to 10 pm. There’s plenty of parking available though it could get busy on the weekends.

Entry to the park is free, but a ticket fee of Dhs5 is required to enter the Glass House and The Cave of Miracles.

You can use your Nol card to pay for the ticket and there’s even a Nol card recharge station is located right outside the entrance of the Cave of Miracles.

My Word On The Quranic Park

Whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim, you will learn much from the upcoming Quran Park! For sure, it will soon be one of Dubai’s cultural landmarks. Meanwhile, if you are looking for more ideas for a day-out. Qasr Al Watan

References (Featured Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News)

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