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What are Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC, CPM, RPM ?



What are Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC, CPM, RPM ?

What are Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC, CPM, RPM: Google Adsense is probably the most desired platform for ad publishers to earn money. But to earn revenue from Adsense, you need a perfect monetization strategy. And to make a perfect Adsense monetization strategy, you should understand the Adsense reporting terms like Clicks, Impressions, CTR, RPM, CPC etc. So here you will find the explanations of these terms.


The term ‘Clicks’ mean the number of time an ad unit, displayed on your site, is clicked by the viewers for a certain period of time.


The ‘impressions’ on Adsense is generated whenever a viewer views a particular item on your site. This impression can be divided into three classes:

  1. Page view: Page view is generated when a viewer views a page of your site which is displaying Google ads.
  2. Page impression: This is same of page view. In the case of Adsense, page view and page impression are synonymous.
  3. Ad impression: It is generated when an individual advertisement is viewed. Suppose, you have 3 ad units on a page and that page is viewed 10 times. Then the ad impression will be counted as 30 (3×10).


A query is a request made each time to Google’s system to display an ad unit.

CTR or Click Through Rate:

CTR or Click Through Rate is a very very important term for Adsense. It is determined by this formula:

(Clicks/ No. of Impressions, Views or Queries) × 100%

It has three classes:

  1. Ad CTR: (Clicks/No. of Ad Impressions) × 100%
  2. Page CTR: (Clicks/No. of Page views) × 100%
  3. Query CTR: (Clicks/No. of Queries) × 100%

CPC or Cost Per Click:

CPC or Cost Per Click is determined by the advertisers. It indicates the cost Google pays you whenever an ad is clicked.

CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions:

CPM’s full form is Cost Per Thousand Impressions. ‘M’ represents thousands in Roman numeral.

Advertisers running CPM ads, get their desired price for per 1000 ads served and pay each time of their ads to appear. The publishers earn revenue every time a CPM ad is served on a page and viewed by the visitors.

RPM or Revenue Per Thousand Impressions:

RPM is an Adsense reporting feature but this does not represent the actual amount paid to a publisher. The RPM of an Ad, Page or Query, is the estimated earnings of a publisher for every 1000 impression received. It is calculated by this formula:

(Estimated earnings/Impressions) × 1000

The classifications of RPM (previously known as CPM):

  1. Ad RPM: (Estimated earnings/Ad impressions) × 1000
  2. Page RPM: (Estimated earnings/Page impressions) × 1000
  3. Query RPM: (Estimated earnings/Query impressions) × 1000

I hope, you have understood the Google Adsense reporting terms (CPC, CPM, RPM, CTR etc.) or glossaries.

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